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Warden Information

The Consular Section maintains a warden system to be activated in the case of an emergency.  The wardens, who are made up mostly of American citizens resident in Cape Verde, volunteer to act as a focal point for the American community in their respective areas by relaying important information in an emergency. The Consular Section has wardens on nearly every island in Cape Verde.  Given the larger concentration of American citizens on the islands of Santiago, Fogo, and Brava, the Consular Section has more than one warden in some areas. 

Periodically, the Embassy will send out messages to our wardens, who will then provide the information to Americans resident in their district.  If you would like to know the name and contact information for the warden covering your island or area of Cape Verde, please contact the U.S. Embassy in Praia at 260-8900.

Regardless, if you are an American Citizen traveling to or living in Cape Verde, we encourage you to register with the Embassy.